Yoga for detox – daily cleansing rituals

With January already feeling like a distant memory, detoxing may be the last thing on our minds right now.  In London we have gale-force winds, driving rain and tube strikes to contend with – so it can feel like we need all our little luxuries (however unhealthy they may be) to get through the day!

However in order to keep a sense of balance (and not to lose the good effects of any detox we have completed in January) – this is yet another time when yoga is our friend.

By building detoxifying poses into our regular yoga routine we can make sure that we help our bodies flush out toxins on a regular basis, meaning intensive detoxification processes that are often more of an endurance test need not be resorted to.  Gaiam Life has more information on how yoga can be used to boost your body’s natural detox systems providing specific examples of asanas to be used.

Lulu Lemon has this 27 minute free detox yoga sequence featuring Clara Roberts-Oss on their YouTube channel which will give you a mini master-class in twisting anything nasty out of your system!

Don’t forget – you can also try this simple and delightful detox tea to help keep hydrated!


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