Yoga Fashion Update!

Many people may have made the decision to make 2014 the year they get into or return to yoga. Alternatively it may just be the year that you replace faded leggings and t-shirts that have seen better days!

Either way – what with sales going on all over the place, now is a great time to look at what’s happening in the world of yoga fashion – and who better to ask for an update than yoga instructor and founder of Shop Yoyo – Maureen Wray.

Maureen has chosen a selection of her favourite yoga clothes, which are beautiful and stylish but have a strong emphasis on comfort and practicality:

“I think that layering is the key to good yoga clothing and putting outfits together. Long tops that come down and cover the hips are great because they create very flattering lines to make you feel slim and there are no unwanted bellies sticking out when you raise your arms above your head or go into an inverted pose


I also like long tops that can be worn over a ‘cami’ vest top. Putting different clashing colours together from a variety of tops creates interst. Long sleeves are great for keeping shoulders warm in winter if you are doing a slower type of yoga, such as Iyengar.

The Ocean Blue ¾ length FROM leggings are some of the nicest I’ve found on the market. They’re made of organic cotton and are very good quality. As a yoga teacher I spend a great deal of time with my backside in the air demonstrating poses and it’s very important that my leggings are not see through!


One other fun way of wearing slim fitting leggings without worrying about this is to wear short briefs in a fun, clashing colour over the top. – This has become something of a trend in my classes and a lot of my friends who teach also wear the same.

As an Iyengar yoga teacher it’s important that I can see my students’ legs clearly when they’re in class – so slim-fitting leggings will always be a better choice than wide-legged yoga pants.”


The clothes Maureen has selected are made from bamboo which has the added luxury of being a natural fabric with a cashmere-like softness. Many more colours are available, however a practical dark base accented with brighter colours is a great look for 2014.

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