Will the business of yoga devour itself?

Despite the fact that the crux of this article focusses on yoga as a business in North America (where wellness is already a “billion dollar industry”) – trends indicate a surge of other European interest (and spending) in this sector.

Ira India takes a critical look at the way that yoga-as-a-business operates and his view is that unless we can find an alternative business model to the ‘cult of personality’, the commercialisation of yoga is doomed to devour itself from the inside out.

Ira also voices concern that the passive majority of (non-wealthy) yoga instructors allow corporations to take advantage of them and the ‘industry’ generally – making a huge profit in the process.

With the rising popularity of yoga on a global scale, the question of how to ethically create commercial value from the teaching of yoga without devaluing the practice is one that we should all seek to answer.

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