Welcoming Autumn

Following a surprisingly delightful English Summer, Autumn sees to have caught up with us at last and with falling leaves, colder winds and earlier nights – we can’t ignore it anymore.

Autumn is a transitional phase that takes us from the abundance of Summer into the reflective dark of Winter and it can be useful to take some time to plan and reflect in preparation for the coldest season.

My Yoga Online posted a wonderful meditation for the Harvest Moon (which fell slightly early this year on September 19th).  Even though this time has passed, this exercise is a nice way to adapt to colder weather and fewer hours of sunlight.

Elisa Williams – herself a sufferer of Seasonal Depression has some lovely suggestions of poses to be incorporated into our yoga practice during the Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness.

Willow Ryan of Breaking Muscle has gone further and created sequences specif ally designed for the reflective time of year that will help you to detox as you decide what aspect you’d like to leave behind in the descent into Winter.

As the warmth of Summer departs and the sharper winds take over, our skin can also take a bit of a battering.  Alison Claire has put together a great series of skincare tips, especially with Autumn in mind.  The top tip here is flax seed oil, which can help the skin to thin sebum which may go into overdrive as we pile on the extra layers of clothing.

Autumn is  a wonderful time to return to heartier fare after the cold fruits and salads of the summer.  Abel and Cole have created a beautiful soup recipe with Parmesan dumplings – giving wonderful bulk to a delicious heart-warming soup.

I am generally a great fan of Autumn and all its associated smells and colours and there is a wonderful sensation of quiet as the worlds seems to slow a little – almost visibly preparing for the impact of colder times ahead.  What is your favourite way to move into Winter?

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