Water – Mix it up!

Whatever our lifestyle and whether we are currently on a weightloss program; are trying to detox; or simply get through the day – there is one thing we probably could all do more of, and that is drink water!

It sounds so simple!  Most of us are lucky enough to have abundant quantities of clean, affordable water on TAP, so why do we struggle so much to drink enough?

My problem is boredom.  I’ll be honest – and I know it sounds so ungrateful – but I simply can’t get excited about drinking glass after glass of flavourless H2O and that is where I have found it helps to get a little creative.

Here are my top five water infusions to help me get enough water.  Oh and it is worth mentioning that since I made a concerted effort to do so, I have found I have more energy, have shifted water weight and seen my cellulite vanish – so it really is worth it!

1) Lemon, cucumber and mint.  Not the most radical of suggestions but the lemon and mint are really energising and the cucumber adds a lovely mellow element.

2) Strawberry, Lemon and Basil.  So refreshing on a beautiful summer day (and lots of fun to dig the strawberries out and have a sneaky antioxidant snack) with the Basil offsetting the sweetness of the strawberry perfectly.

3) Blueberry and Lavender.  Not an obvious combination but very nice for an interesting twist and just beautiful to look at.

4) Raspberry and rose petal.  If pink is your thing this will be the one for you and it’s nice and sweet too.  Perfect in the evening if you want to avoid the alcohol of a cocktail and the sugar of a mocktail.  You will want to steep this one overnight and strain in the morning for the best (pinkest) results.

5) Rosemary and grapefruit.  The Rosemary itself is surprisingly sweet which counters the tartness of the grapefruit.  One thing though, I find it is better to be generous with the Rosemary and this is also one you will want to let infuse overnight.

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