Warm salad recipes for January!

Sometimes when you’re trying to keep things light – only a salad will do.  However at this time of year, and especially if you are following an Ayurvedic diet, cold, damp salad might not be the best thing for your digestive system.  Enter – the warm salad!

These three gorgeous, low-fat and lightly cooked vegetarian delights will tick all boxes without extinguishing your digestive fire:

The Smitten Kitchen offers a delicious warm lentil and potato salad which will fill you up, warm you up and is the perfect midday meal (which should ideally be the biggest of the day.)

A Beautiful Mess suggests a great use for Brussels sprouts (criminally under-appreciated outside of the festive season in my opinion) with a warm Brussels sprouts salad, the perfect way to up your vitamin C and Sulforaphane (thought to have cancer-fighting properties) levels without increasing fat or sodium intake.

Lexis Clean Kitchen offers up a warm harvest salad with honey walnut vinaigrette packed full of goodies such as raw honey, apple cider vinegar and kale.



Picutre courtesy of mrsiraphol/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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