Time for a spring clean!

Spring really feels like it’s here – you can smell it in the air, even on cold days!

Now is a great time to clear out your life, banish negative emotions, build some positive habits and cleanse.

A great way to start is with a revitalizing smoothie that will give you loads of energy to tackle your tasks.  Reboot With Joe has a great Spring Clean Smoothie recipe to put a spring in your step.

Victoria Sciarra has also been thinking about Spring renewal and has written this great post which reflects on the traditional rituals of Spring and includes a great meditation to create stillness at this important time of renewal.

I always find that it is almost impossible to find clarity in an chaotic environment – so of course… this is a great time to spring clean your house, bringing a sense of organisation and freshness. ¬†House Beautiful is to the rescue with 13 tips to make your home sparkling clean as well as organised.


Picture courtesy of franky242/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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