Thoughts are not facts and other truths to beat the blues

Even though I try to maintain a positive outlook (and there is plenty of past evidence that confirms the wisdom of this policy) every now and again a day comes along when I simply can’t get a break. I’ll stub my toe getting out of bed and things will just go downhill from there.

I actually think that in such situations the added pressure of trying to ‘turn my thoughts around’ to break the negative cycle contributes to the Spiral of Doom that my day is rapidly becoming.  

 It seems that no matter how many little good things that happen, it’s the one or two little bad things that stick in my mind and become amplified by my own thoughts. 
Blake Thorne writes about this Negative Bias in his blog and explains how what was once a useful survival trick, has evolved into an unhelpful hand-brake to happiness and productivity.   More helpfully, Blake’s blog also includes five tips to reverse this trend.

Tiny Buddha has some other wisdom to share on this subject relating to the fact that we do have a choice over what we think and even what we believe; giving guidance for reframing our less-than-cheerful ponderings in a more positive light. 

Personally, when the day starts bad and is only getting worse – the only thing that really reverses this trend for me is to simply stop.  Taking time to meditate is the best way to clear ‘Monkey Mind’ and regain perspective and peace. MindBodyGreen has a clear recipe for inner peace in a world of chaos here. 
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