The Uplifting Scent of Summer

It’s Monday, it’s raining, Wimbledon is over for another year (congratulations Novak) and we might be forgiven for indulging in a spot of the summer blues.

If you’re not feeling the upbeat summer vibe, reach for the Wild Orange Oil.  This is a great mood enhancer and it smells so fresh and vibrant that it’s just perfect for getting you going on slow mornings.

I love this unpretentious, unashamedly HAPPY oil all year round, however packing a serious citrus punch – a few drops of this in the diffuser and you can make the sun shine indoors on the cloudiest of days.

Better yet, this natural purifier is also fantastic for fighting off the summer colds and can be used to clean and detoxify your home, mind and body.

I love DoTerra’s Wild Orange oil which is of a particularly high grade and can be taken internally and used in cooking as a delicious natural flavouring.

Special offer!  15 ml of Wild Orange oil is now on special offer to celebrate the relaunch of The Digital Panacea and is available this week at the special reduced price of £8  (normally £12).

  1. 3 years ago
    Callie Carling

    Wow! Many MANY congratulations, that is wonderful news!!!!

    • Digital Panacea3 years ago
      Digital Panacea

      Thanks Callie :)


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