The pungent beauty of Oregano

Well, as predicted – the tickle that was in the back of my throat yesterday has blossomed into a raspy infection today and I am now in the throws of a full-on Summer Cold.

When this happens there is nothing else for it but to make sure I get as many vitamins stuffed down me as possible (not tablets – I am talking about nutrient-rich super foods here) and to bring out the Big Guns.

By which I mean Oregano Oil.  This stuff is not to be messed with as it is one of the so-called hot oils and you should not use it undiluted against your skin, however appropriately diluted in a carrier oil – this magic oil is incredibly beneficial at fighting viruses and bacterial infections.

As I am fighting a cold – the best thing to do is inhale the vapours.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a few drops to a bowl full of hot water and gently inhale the steam.  Do be careful of your eyes here as (as above) you don’t want to get a waft of Oregano oil in the eye.

You can also use Oregano oil in a diffuser to the same affect, however you will need to give it a good clean afterwards as this is a very pungent oil with a strong, savoury scent.

As Oregano oil is a great anti-fungal treatment, if you have a fungal nail infection – soaking your feet in a bowl of water to which you have added Oregano oil (diluted in carrier oil) can be very helpful.

I cannot wax on enough about how powerful and useful this oil is, however it is also important to know you must be careful with Oregano.  It is not considered appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, and it should always be diluted appropriately before applying to the skin.

If you are going to add it to the bath to help with sore muscles or respiratory function – go ahead but before you do so make sure it is diluted in carrier oil.  Remember – diluting oil in water does not work and all you will get are globules of undilute oil floating on your bathwater which can cause irritation.

Warnings aside, it is a great little bottle to have in the bathroom cabinet as it lasts a really long time and is a lovely, completely natural way to boost immunity and fight infection.

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