The Holy Trinity of Essential Oils for Health Enhancement

The Digital Panacea has been quiet in recent weeks due to the launch of an exciting range of events designed to inform people about the use of top-quality essential oilsto improve health, combat common ailments and cut out toxic and unnecessary ‘medicine’.

Whilst preparing for the events, I created a sort of text-book for all attendees, that explained about the use of oils, and incorporated a number of suggested remedies.

Three oils in particular were featured over and again in many remedies, and I know doTERRA has already featured a useful list of 101 uses for the fabulous Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender kit that they do.

These oils are so versatile that they came up in everything from detox to home-cleaning, offering powerful and fast remedies to headaches and anxiety and everything in between.

Whenever I hold an event – most attendees are slightly familiar with these oils (as they are the most commonly used for obvious reasons) – however whenever they come into contact with the pure and potent doTERRA oils they note how powerful they are.

When using essential oils either topically on the skin (especially if undiluted) or internally for healing purposes – it is very important to use a pure, therapeutic grade oil that is 100% natural in origin, and will provide all the unadulterated healing properties present in the oil.

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