Staying grateful – it’s not just for New Year!

Melissa Rogers (@infinitimel) posed the question on Twitter recently: ‘What’s the opposite of being jealous?’ – and the best possible answer I could come up with was ‘being grateful.’

The healing power of gratitude is something that many renowned writers have evangelised about, waxing lyrical on it’s soothing effects and how it paves the way to happiness and success.

The corporate world is not slow to catch on to the creative and mental benefits derived from gratitude.   Brian Evje tells about the importance of gratitude in leadership development – and the need for executives to spend time in gratitude to themselves and the others who have helped them with their careers and businesses.

In the Naturally Savvy blog, Dr. Jonah Yakel wrote at the close of last year about the way gratitude can help ease the stress of life in an unbalanced world.

The Chopra Center has several ideas to help you cultivate and maintain gratitude in your life, from the ubiquitous gratitude journal, to writing a thank you letter to those who have made you who you are, and taking a gratitude walk. You can also listen to guided gratitude meditations at the Chopra Center website.

Writing a gratitude journal does not have to be a time-consuming activity and can be as simple as 3-5 bullet points of things that you are grateful for on that day. It is not necessarily instinctive, but even counting the smallest blessings can pull you out of a funk, get your head back to a more positive place and avoid turning your day into a pity-party for one.

If you can develop one positive habit in 2014 – this could be the easiest and most valuable one to aim for!



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