Speak; Think; Be

It is a truth, not exactly universally acknowledged but widely accepted, that what you think has a profound affect on the outcomes of your life.  A more positive outlook is likely to yield happiness and someone who persistently sees the glass half empty is seldom proven wrong.

Putting the finer points of the Law of Attraction aside and taking it as read that focusing on the good in life leads you to notice and experience more of that which you seek – let us consider one of the things which most affects why we think what we do.

The vocabulary we use on a day-to-day basis is something formed over years of habit and often we will utter words without giving any real credence to their true significance, or even how fitting they are for the context at hand.

This means we can get stuck in a ‘language rut’ which can be unhelpful if we are trying to change up our mindset and outlook.  If you use especially negative language (or even language others do not feel is socially acceptable) you may be surprised by how this also shapes how others perceive you.

Like many things, the main thing to think about here is habit.  Be mindful of words you use habitually which may not be conducive to a positive outlook, and instead consciously introduce words that convey meaning and positivity.  Think about the life and attitude you are trying to create and make sure your vocabulary is a good vibrational match for this.

Slowly eradicating pointless negativity or aggressive language will have a gradually uplifting affect on you, but more than that will have a ripple affect on everyone around you.  By being more mindful of how you speak and the emotional colouring you use in your communication you will also spread positivity to everyone you interact with.

So, starting with yourself, spread the love!


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