Rise and Shine!

There is no shortage of information in the media to encouraging us to get up early – inspiring us with great role-models who are early risers; giving us lists of things that should be achieved before 8 am and all the amazing benefits that come from cultivating this habit.

I was introduced to the importance of early rising through the writing of Robin Sharma.  Robin is emphatic that getting up early (he is a great advocate of the “5 O’Clock Club”) is a critical success factors for many people.

In terms of actually incorporating this into my life – I have come a long way from the days when entire mornings were spent huddled under a duvet (usually with a hangover) – and I often find that I naturally wake up about 10 minutes before my alarm is due to go off anyway – however this doesn’t mean that I find it easy to get up at 5 or 6 O’Clock…

I am determined (encouraged by improved weather and lighter mornings) to make this a daily habit rather than a semi-regular ‘victory’ as I would like my morning routine to an organic and automatic process rather than an endurance test.  With this in mind I have found the following resources to try and make this dream a reality! :)

Thorin Klosowski from Lifehacker has some inventive ideas for keeping you off the snooze button (which never gives you any quality additional rest anyway) here.

The DumbLittleMan blog has some excellent tips for getting out of bed with a sense of joy and purpose – not least (and this is something else Robin Sharma would agree with) the need to plan ahead.  If you have something to get up early for you are more likely to manage it.

Sometimes it takes more than tips and tricks to really reprogram your life and a different way of thinking is called for.  With this objective in mind, Body+Soul has some thoughtful suggestions to reprogram your thinking and become a morning person.

See you bright and early!


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