Quick fixes to turn a bad day around

As many people will know (and I can certainly testify) it doesn’t take much for a day to start badly – just stub your toe when you get out of bed or realize you’ve run out of tea-bags!  If your irritability is left unchecked then things can get worse quickly as your temper frays and the world conspires to ruin your potentially wonderful day.

Taking  five minutes at this point, no matter how late you are already running, can literally save your day.  Focus on releasing negativity and getting back on track with the following processes:

1) Meditate:  The old saying goes ‘everyone should meditate for half an hour every day, unless they don’t have time, in which case they should meditate for an hour.’  Taking just five minutes to sit comfortably in a quiet room and focus purely on your breath can work miracles.  It is likely that you will find it difficult to clear your mind, but simply let the thoughts come and go as objectively as possible, taking your attention back to your breath when you feel yourself being distracted.

2) If you don’t have the luxury of sitting in a quiet room (even just for five minutes) try listening to energetic, happy music (that you like) as you get ready to start your day.  Your favourite track might work as long as it is suitably uplifting  – something that gets you moving is ideal!

3) Sing – The mood-boosting effects of music can be amplified if you sing, which will also force you to take in deep, soothing breaths.

4)  Smile.  Literally force yourself.  This physically releases endorphins and can make you feel better instantly.

5) Exercise – Five minutes of light stretching or yoga will oxygenate your body and get rid of physical tension that you might be holding in your shoulders, neck or other problem area.

6) Pet an animal – your pet dog, cat or hamster – someone else’s pet dog, cat or hamster (nothing too bitey) – stroking an animal can have an instantly therapeutic effect.

7) Gratitude is a phenomenal way to lift your mood and get you back on track in the perfect fame of mind.  Make a quick gratitude inventory and jot down five things you are grateful for right now.

8) Scent – personally I find scent really uplifting and doTERRA’s Citrus Bliss oil never fails to put me back in a sunny frame of mind.

Sirena Berna for Tiny Buddha has some more great ideas including walking barefoot in the grass and making yourself laugh!  How do you boost your mood when things threaten to go downhill?



Picture courtesy of Lavoview/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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