Healthy habits not fitness fads

The fitness and wellness industry is worth billions of pounds a year and there are never any shortage of businesses waiting to step up and take their piece of the (very low fat) pie.

From thigh-masters to coffee enemas, we have seen every permutation of strange get-thin-quick program with varying degrees of risk and efficacy.  Even now, social media is flooded with products that promise the earth in terms of results – and they are never short of adherents proclaiming miracles.

The problem is sustainability.  Sufficient levels of enthusiasm mean you can propel yourself into a new craze with enough energy to see gratifyingly rapid results; once those results plateau comes the inevitable back-sliding.

While there will always be a place in the fitness industry for innovation and the crazier ideas out there, this is no replacement for the kind of lasting, permanent results you get when you skip the fads and work on habit-creation.

By this I mean the transformation of your lifestyle into one which effortlessly supports a healthier, happier you.  If fitness is a chore then it will never become a healthy habit.  For something to be absorbed into your everyday activity, first and foremost you need to love it.

The soon-to-be launched Now Lifestyle package is designed to help you do just this.  By creating a nutritional program and bespoke fitness package that does not require you to calorie count or spend hours in the gym – Now Lifestyle provides a regime that will carry you joyfully to a new healthy, fit and happy life (forever.)


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