Ghee – Ayurvedic Liquid Gold

Any big fans of Indian cookery will be familiar with the concept of ghee as it is used in a vast array of mouth-watering dishes. However what you might not be aware of is that this beautiful clarified butter is also something of an Ayurvedic superstar, with anti-viral and anti-cancer properties attributed to it.

Unlike any other animal fats, ghee does not hamper digestion and actually aids the assimilation of nutrients from food into the body.

Ghee also has a higher smoke point than most other fats and is therefore healthier to cook with at high temperatures.

Rebecca Wood expounds on the beauty of ghee made at home and also helpfully explains the requirement to make it from organic, cultured and unsalted butter.

Dream Tree Kitchen has a great method for creating ghee in your own kitchen and Claudia Davila shares her recipe for making ghee from cream of yogurt in Sailu’s Kitchen blog.

Ghee is a fundamental staple of the Ayurvedic lifestyle and is also completely delicious. Have a go at making your own and enjoy enriching your cooking with this nourishing and fragrant product.

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