Fuel your day!

It’s a fact that if you eat a good, healthy breakfast – you are more likely to be mindful of food choices for the rest of the day, which can only be a good thing if you’re following a diet or weight-loss program.

Eating right at the start of the day can also fire your metabolism which will help your body burn fat throughout the day.

Making clean and healthy breakfast choices will also aid your mood and give you that all-important positive start to the day.

So – what are the best choices for a healthy breakfast?

1) First things first – warm water with lemon juice – the perfect, gentle way to wake up the digestive system and prepare for the day ahead.

2) Green tea – a healthy caffeine (which isn’t loaded with sugar or milk) will fire up that metabolism and also help cleanse and support the lymphatic system which aids detoxification.

3) Eggs – all protein is a good idea and eggs are an especially good source of this and with so many different ways to cook them – easy enough to find a way to get them on your breakfast plate!

4) Porridge  – often the yogi’s breakfast choice and a beautiful, warming way to wake up the body and give a well needed dose of fibre to aid digestion throughout the morning ahead.

5) Fruit – the digestive system breaks down the sugars in fruits more easily on an empty stomach whilst still providing all the nutritional benefits of fruit.  Fruit is a natural source of fibre and many fruits also have anti inflammatory properties.  Many people swear by eating fruit unaccompanied by anything else (such as porridge or yogurt) as combining foods means the digestive enzymes are also working elsewhere, which means the fruit can be left for longer than necessary to ferment in the gut.

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