Finding Happiness (Part One of Four)

I’ve been reading a lot about finding contentment recently and (in my humble opinion) there are four things that everyone could do (or stop doing) in order to allow themselves a little more contentment right now.

Originally this was going to be one post, but I’ve decided to break it into four – one for each day of the Easter bank holiday.

Finding Happiness (Part One) –  Banish entitlement

I have read so many things recently from The Chimp Paradox (Dr. Steve Peters) to The Tools (Barry Michels and Phil Stutz)  that highlight the fact that an expectation of fairness leads to frustration and anger.  Typical expectations could be ‘I studied for 5 years and spent a fortune on my education – I should have a well-paid job’; ‘I live a good lifestyle and don’t jeopardise my wellbeing – I should be in perfect health’ or could be more abstract – ‘ I am a nice person, why do bad things happen to me?’

In a perfect world where there are no obstructions to immediate gratification and every achievement comes at the end of a flawless and undeviating plan of action – these ‘shoulds’ may be reasonable.  However we do not live in such a reality (imagine how dull it would be if we did!)   As we all know ‘we make plans and God laughs.’  Obsessing over what you should and shouldn’t have will achieve nothing and pity-parties can be hard to leave.


Accept that life may not at times be fair and foreseeable and learn to grow from the Plan Bs you are forced to take from time-to-time.  If you lose an expectation of things going your way all the time, you’ll be able to respond faster to the adversities that do arise, making it easier to get back on top of things without falling into despair.


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