Essential Oils to the Rescue in Hay Fever Season

As we head into May we have sunshine, more bank holidays and the warming days of summer to look forward to.  One of the rare blights of the season can be if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from hay fever, which can run from a slight irritation to a debilitating nightmare.

Worse still, many over-the-counter remedies have some equally irritating side-effects and some are even known to work just as well as sleeping pills!

If you want to keep it natural, you need look no further than your essential oil collection:

Place two drops of Chamomile, two drops of Lemon and one drop of Lavender oil on a tissue (I’m guessing you’ll already have plenty of these to hand) and inhale deeply.  You can also add these oils to a warm bath and relax, gently inhaling the fragrant, therapeutic steam.

The great thing is that all these oils are inexpensive and readily available, and once you’ve bought one bottle of each- they will see you through many hay fever seasons to come.

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