Eat away the January Blues!

Not an instruction to partake in emotional over-eating but an invitation to indulge in some healthy, hearty food that will keep you warm and give you the strength to stick to all those noble  resolutions!

Stevie Parle writes in the Telegraph of his love of curries at this time of year as the perfect antidote to all the ‘meat and veg’ dishes that are forced down our throats over the festive season. Here he offers four curry recipes including a vegetable & lentil sambar, a bhindi bhaji, duck and potato massaman curry and an intriguing venison biryani.

A comfort food that is bursting with guilt-free goodness at this time of year is always soup and Hemsley & Hemsley have compiled a selection of eight perfect soup recipes for Vogue that will leave you feeling virtuous and as if you have had a treat!

For those interested in a more ayurvedic approach to a warming January, Anjum Anand’s book ‘Eat right for your body type’ will help you establish your dosha and find simple and delicious recipes to work with your body. Anjum’s website also has a range of recipes such as this mouth-watering South Indian Haddock and Corn Chowder. This adapts the traditional chowder base of cream and meat to one which avoids mixing dairy and animal proteins (a big ‘no’ in Ayurveda) by substituting coconut milk.

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