DIY Face Masks and Hand Cream for Winter

Wind, rain, constant changes in temperature, hot showers and a variable diet: January hates our skin.

If you’re currently detoxing you may feel that your skin hates you too as toxins depart in delightful alternating breakouts of dry and oily skin.

This is the perfect time to raid the fridge and lovingly blend your own concoction of nourishing masks and creams that will smell good enough to eat.

If you need inspiration – Well&GoodNYC has published this gorgeous hand cream recipe online, courtesy of Jessica Bartley of Esthe Kitchen. This Winter Wonder hand cream is designed to sooth rough, chapped hands – and it won’t do your nails any harm either.

If it’s DIY natural face treatments that you are after – head over to Health Munster on Hubpages who has a huge range of delicious recipes to choose from, including these gorgeous yogurt masks. ¬†Health Munster’s pages are especially useful as they list the vitamin content of her recipes – explaining why they are so good for you and what conditions they may help with.

Katie over at The Wellness Mama has this helpful article listing the seven ingredients you should keep stocked to make a range of natural beauty products.  Wellness Mama also has a lovely selection of natural beauty recipes for you to try out, including a method for creating six different lotion bars!

Whatever you do to pamper your skin this January – keep hydrated and stay warm :)





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