Detox and flush fat!

As the warmer weather makes us think of summer holidays and summer wardrobes, my thoughts inevitably turn to the yoga sequences that I must fit into my daily routines and my diet…

Weight loss is not really the focus, however flushing toxins (and cellulite) is a priority and the following links give some delicious ideas for keeping it fresh and healthy this summer:

Fat Flush Water courtesy of SkinnyMS may not sound the most appetizing concept, however packed with grapefruit, tangerine, cucumber and mint this should make it a lot easier to reach for the water!

Linda Wagner has a wonderful juice recipe that will give your immune system (and your energy levels) a kick and assist your detox.

Glamour Magazine has a range of suggestions for eating your way out of cellulite  including beautifying super-foods such as steamed broccoli and asparagus.

Essential oils hold many powerful detoxifying properties and can all help your detoxing efforts.  Adding a few drops of Lemon oil to your drinking water* will purify it and help flush your liver.  Grapefruit oil is also notoriously great for combating cellulite and can be applied topically or added to drinking water.  doTERRA also does a special Slim & Sassy range of essential oil blends that use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to boost metabolism, control appetite and aid your diet.

* Always ensure that any essential oils used topically or taken internally must be therapeutic grade as lower quality oils could be harmful.


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    What are some juicing recipes.


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