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20 May 2017

And breathe…

Summer may be around the corner but that doesn’t
17 May 2017

Staying positive in a negative world

I am a great believer in positivity.  Yet in
10 May 2017

Looking for focus?

Whether it’s tiredness, illness or a case of having
9 May 2017

Celebrate your wins

As well as acknowledging the power of gratitude to
8 May 2017

Tea blends you can make at home!

The supermarket shelves heave with teas in 100 different
7 May 2017

Count your blessings daily

There is nothing new about the concept of gratitude
6 May 2017

The pungent beauty of Oregano

Well, as predicted – the tickle that was in
5 May 2017

Get some ritual into your life!

The word ‘ritual’ has a somewhat esoteric ring to
4 May 2017

Fight summer viruses with these natural immunity boosters

The sun is (sometimes) shining, the birds are singing
1 May 2017

Affirmations. If you don’t have the time – make the time!

Positive affirmations are not new.  For years amazing writers