Essential Oil Archive

20 May 2017

And breathe…

Summer may be around the corner but that doesn’t
10 May 2017

Looking for focus?

Whether it’s tiredness, illness or a case of having
6 May 2017

The pungent beauty of Oregano

Well, as predicted – the tickle that was in
26 Apr 2017

Essential Oils to the Rescue in Hay Fever Season

As we head into May we have sunshine, more
25 Apr 2017

Essential Oils for Yoga Practice

Essential oils can have a variety of wonderful affects,
16 Jul 2015

Under the weather this summer? – have a natural pick-me-up

Slap-bang in the middle of July and the lack
13 Jul 2015

The Uplifting Scent of Summer

It’s Monday, it’s raining, Wimbledon is over for another