Callie Carling – Holistic Who’s Who

Callie Carling is an inspiration to others; acting as a glowing Beacon of Empowerment by sharing her personal experiences.  Callie’s gift as an artful story-catcher guides people through their own transformational journey, enhancing their relationships at every level.  By experiencing the power of focused coaching, creative play, art therapy, laughter yoga and storytelling, she facilitates innovative, intuitive and creative programmes that are tailor-made for every client.

A fempreneur, empowering speaker and founder of a pioneering wellbeing consultancy business with essential oils, laughter yoga, writing and creativity – it is Callie’s mission to change healthcare one droplet at a time.  Olio Terapeutica teaches people living with health issues how to find strength in their shadow and regain control; letting their authentic selves shine through.

Callie’s work as a business coach is enriched by her own experiences as a breast cancer survivor who has also battled with depression and emotional eating disorders.  Using humour and empathy to create a cocoon of strength – sessions with Callie leave people feeling empowered to take responsibility for their own future and show up as their real self.

When not working within her own businesses, Callie volunteers as an ambassador for The Haven (Breast Cancer charity) and she also serves on the Pan London Cancer User Partnership Group (NHS London.)

You can find out more about Callie and the work she does (and the wonderful therapeutic oils she works with) on her website, and she can be contacted here.

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