Best Yoga Routine to Start your Day!

If you have ever been lucky enough to do a yoga class first thing in the morning you will know what a fantastic way this is to set up your whole day and, with a positive, healthy mindset – often leads to better choices for the rest of the day.

However, you may have limited time first thing if you have to get ready to go to work or perhaps, like me, you have a toddler-shaped ball of energy running around you from day break to dusk!

If this is the case, YouTube is your friend and there are loads of quick yoga routines online which you can follow regardless of whether you have an hour or just five minutes to spare.

My absolute favourite morning routine is this eleven-minute miracle by Tara Stiles which is truly energising, waking up your brain as well as all your muscles and giving you the strength to face whatever the day throws at you.

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