BeMoreYogic – online yoga classes review!

As any regular reader of The Digital Panacea will know – I’m a big fan of at-home yoga practice.  It is convenient, peaceful, requires no special equipment and can be done in the comfort and privacy of my living room or outside in the sunshine.
Going rogue (classless) with yoga is not without its disadvantages and protracted periods of home practice unbroken by classes can lead to:

  • Bad habits – if you are doing even a relatively simple pose, unless you live in a mirrored hall you won’t spot errors and no one else will either. These can quickly develop into bad habits that will need to be painstakingly ironed out in class.
  • Lack of motivation – without the encouragement of a teacher and class it can be too easy to give up if the session becomes challenging.
  • Boredom – the enemy of at-home practice. There are no surprises, no new poses to learn and because of this it can be difficult to summon the enthusiasm to get on the mat.

Over the last two years we have seen an explosion of online yoga classes that aim to counter some of these at-home yoga hurdles in a convenient format with recession-busting prices. is a relative newcomer to this market and has a number of introductory offers to entice you.

I only use an iPad at home and so tablet compatibility is essential for me and works well in this format. In fact from a technical perspective I have not experienced a single hitch (I have tried quite a few of these online yoga services and not all measure up on this front).

Once you’re logged in you can go straight to the videos and choose what you want to practice using the convenient filters which allow you to select time-frame, ability-level and style.  At the moment there is a good range, especially in the beginner category, however it does appear that new videos are also being added quite frequently. I would especially like to see more videos in the restorative category – and the full length classes not specifically for beginners, such as the beautiful Ocean Flow are promising and more of these will hopefully emerge.

The videos themselves are clear, well produced and are shot outside in a variety of beautiful places in Zanzibar and France, adding to the sense of peace and relaxation of the practice (and are much more interesting than bland studio environments). The sound is also well recorded and clear.There are three teachers who are highly experienced and qualified (as you can read in their bios) and this experience comes across in their calm, confident manner.

I have watched a number of videos including some of the excellent guided meditations and the full classes. There are also some helpful short videos which can be used as a reference when learning more challenging poses such as Scorpion or Side Crow. Shorter tutorials are also on hand to break down more familiar poses such as Downward Dog and may stop bad habits before they form.

I am really excited by what I have seen from BeMoreYogic – and with the addition of further videos this service will certainly reach the high standards set by some existing providers (and it already excels others.)
The prices are highly competitive with a number of completely free videos and an offer which allows you full access to all classes and videos for $4.99 a month – which is, quite frankly, a steal!

Better still – as part of the first Digital Panacea giveaway, BeMoreYogic has given me a one-year subscription to go in my prize bag for one lucky winner. This will be in addition to a designer yoga bag, organic cook book, detox tea and selection of organic beauty products and Neom candle! Sign up to The Digital Panacea mailing list for your chance to win!

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