Beating the February Blues

It is often said that the shortest month is the longest month and by the time  we’ve made it to the end of the 28 days in February – this often feels very true.

In November we have the novelty of autumn and the coziness of snuggling up at home.  December is all about Christmas and January is a fresh start to a whole new year.  However February is dark, cold and wet and it feels like the winter will never end.

However if you look out into the gardens you will see that there is some good news coming and there are certainly some signs of spring (at last.)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) does get a lot of people down, and some people suffer chronically from the lack of natural light and vitamin D.  Rather than turning to chemical pick-me-ups – here are some natural ways to beat the winter blues.

Kate Siraj of The Ayurveda Practice makes a number of recommendations inspired by an Ayurvedic Lifestyle – including meditation and mind-strengthening herbs.

Yoga Circle also has some suggestions, including an overview of the asanas that you should incorporate into your practice if you feel you are struggling at this time of year.

Mira Dessy writing for Spirituality Health takes an important look at the role diet plays at boosting mood and includes a wonderful recipe.

Essential oils can also provide an instant ‘hit’ in terms of mood lift and I love starting the day with a bath or shower with one drop peppermint oil, two drops lemon oil and two drops wild orange oil.  You can find doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils in The Digital Panacea store or on the doTERRA site.  doTERRA also does an intoxicating Citrus Bliss blend of oils which puts an instant spring in your step.


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