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1 May 2017

Affirmations. If you don’t have the time – make the time!

Positive affirmations are not new.  For years amazing writers
30 Apr 2017

Water – Mix it up!

Whatever our lifestyle and whether we are currently on
27 Apr 2017

The grass is always greener in the NOW

As Theodore Roosevelt famously once said, ‘Comparison is the
26 Apr 2017

Essential Oils to the Rescue in Hay Fever Season

As we head into May we have sunshine, more
26 Apr 2017

Target Fatigue

We all have goals in life and most of
25 Apr 2017

Essential Oils for Yoga Practice

Essential oils can have a variety of wonderful affects,
24 Apr 2017

Best Yoga Routine to Start your Day!

If you have ever been lucky enough to do
23 Apr 2017

Speak; Think; Be

It is a truth, not exactly universally acknowledged but widely
22 Apr 2017

Fuel your day!

It’s a fact that if you eat a good,
21 Apr 2017

Get out in nature!

Summer may be coming but for those of us