Affirmations. If you don’t have the time – make the time!

Positive affirmations are not new.  For years amazing writers like Louise Hay have been espousing the virtues of these short, positivity-packed statements and how they can beneficially impact everything from your health to your bank-balance.

Despite this it surprises me that more people don’t make use of this tactic to open up their subconscious to new opportunities and new ways of creating the life they really want.

I can completely understand that, especially at first pass, you might feel a bit silly carefully pronouncing statements which initially seem like impossible dreams – but unless you force yourself to confront your desires – how can you really expect them to manifest?

If we are completely honest I am sure most people would be able to find a spare, quiet five minutes in their day to run focus their thoughts on the things they most want to achieve.   It is a good idea to write down these desires (or needs) in a notepad and revisit them regularly.  Then it is simply the case of creating short, positively-charged statements which are firmly based in the now.

Remember, these are not wishes but statements of fact – framing your dreams as things which have already been achieved.  By repeating these statements regularly, you alter your subconscious belief patterns, which in turn exposes you to wonderful opportunities to make these dreams reality.

If you are struggling to come up with affirmations to fit the purposes of your own objectives, these general ones are great for giving you a positivity shot in the arm:

1) I am happy and blessed in all aspects of my life.

2) My family is happy, protected and thriving.

3) Money flows to me easily.

4) My creativity flows endlessly, bringing me new ideas and blessings each day.

5) Health and vitality flows through each cell in my body.


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