Achievements, targets, goals…

Things have been very busy for The Digital Panacea in the last few weeks with the launch of products for sale (delicious therapeutic grade essential oils since you ask!) and also hosting events to teach people how to use these oils to enrich family health.

As such, things on the website have slipped behind and I have spent a good portion of the last few days contemplating how to proceed.  I started the year so well – keeping a bullet journal in order to get through all my tasks and also Morning Pages.  I found this really useful as the Morning Pages gave me important focus at the start of the day and gave me perspective – allowing me to process my thoughts and feelings in a more mindful way.  The bullet journal was more task-oriented and helped me plan out what had to happen that day, what could pass over to the next and gave me a sense of achievement as I ticked off things – thus encouraging me to do more.

Looking back on January and February it cannot be a coincidence that when I was using these processes I achieved a huge amount in a short time.  The downside of that is that all this achievement made me very busy (happily so) and as a result the same excellent habits that always slide started to fall by the wayside.  These include:

It is strange that it is these practices which I believe help me to get the most done, and live a healthy and happy life are the ones which always get skipped the moment things start to get on top of me!  Anyway, now the events, birthdays, funerals, choral performances (well half of them) and cat adoptions are out of the way – it is time to take charge once again.

I am going to journal this process for the next month and will then recap – hopefully as a more organised, fulfilled and productive person!


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  1. 4 years ago
    Callie Carling

    I always find that whenever I let my Morning Pages routine lapse, it’s a sign I’m in BIG trouble – things start to go topsy-turvy/fall over completely!! So I hear you, Laura!

    I’ve not come across Bullet Journal – thank you for sharing the linky, it looks very interesting. Wishing you a wonderful, productive and joyfull April x

    • Digital Panacea4 years ago
      Digital Panacea

      Yes I discovered the bullet journal online at the end of last year as I have been struggling to find a good system (and kept switching between electronic and paper lists and journals – both of which have their pros and cons). I used it consistently for two months and I found it was really good for productivity. Morning Pages just really helps me get my head straight – I’m back to using both now! :)
      Let me know how you get on with bullet journal!


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